01 November 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: Danish Royals Mark Reformation Anniversary

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Danish royals had to sit through a do-over of October’s parliament opening yesterday, based on the hats and gloves and venue alone. But instead they gathered to attend the government’s celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, once again in their proper royal best, and later attended an evening concert.

DR screencap
Queen Margrethe led the way with a feather in her cap...

Billed-Bladet screencap
...and Princess Benedikte brought up the rear with a koosh ball in hers.

Billed-Bladet screencap
Classic black and white for Crown Princess Mary and black and blue for Princess Marie, who even included a bit of sparkle in the form of Queen Alexandrine's Diamond and Sapphire Pendant Brooch.

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Marie turned over her jewel chest and shook out two brooches for the day, in fact, pinning an unusual brooch to the center of her dress. The multi-colored jewel was debuted at Princess Athena's christening and is said to have been a gift from Queen Margrethe.

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Mary called on the power of déjà vu to make her evening ensemble a winner, because there's no way she's wearing sparkly navy and her aquamarine chandelier earrings without causing flashbacks to this glorious appearance, right? A winning strategy once, and twice.

While we're in Denmark, no déjà vu was required at one of Mary's appearances last week. In a moment of pure coincidence, Crown Princess Mary arrived for the Magasin du Nord Fashion Prize 2017 wearing the same Britt Sisseck dress as a board member from the foundation. What're the odds of that, huh?
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And so the ladies did the only thing you can do when faced with an accidental twin moment: they had a good laugh and merrily posed for pics together. Top marks to both for making the best of it!
Britt Sessick Olga Dress