15 November 2017

Royal Outfits of the Day: Queen Letizia in Mexico

Here's Queen Letizia, on a solo trip this week to Mexico for the World Cancer Leaders Summit:

Visiting the headquarters of Red Cross Mexico
House of HM the King
I saw this from the waist up at first and thought, waaaaay too conventional, there must be a Letizia twist somewhere in here.

Hugo Boss Gingham Cotton Jacket
House of HM the King/Hugo Boss
And indeed there was, in the form of a cropped pant! Not exactly a mind-blowing plot twist or anything, just a hint of a Letizia spin.

Meeting with the President and First Lady of Mexico
House of HM the King
What sort of trip would it be without a jumpsuit along for the ride, huh? Not a Letizia trip, that's for sure. This one's Felipe Varela, a repeat. And that's how you do a ponytail for a formal event.

House of HM the King
Her hosts changed into something a little more formal for their dinner, which was good because La Reina was looking a little overdressed for a second. (Although if you can't wear as many diamonds as you want, whenever you want when you're the queen...) The bracelets and earrings from the joyas de pasar also made the trip!

Embed from Getty Images
Attending the conference
Here's a handbag surprise. I'm firmly in the Red Is A Neutral camp and all, but this seems a sharp stylistic turn from the more formal Nina Ricci outfit, what with the people on there and the chains. No?

Zara bag