29 November 2017

Tiara Watch of the Day: Sparkle in Sweden and in State Visit Land

Wooooooo, so many tiara appearances to catch up on! And since we're in post-Thanksgiving catch up mode, we're hitting them all at once. Take a deep breath and dive in:

The Swedish royal family held a Representation Dinner at the palace last week.
Prince Daniel, Princess Sofia, and Prince Carl Philip
A tiara appearance and a tiara development, this is: Princess Sofia is wearing her Emerald and Diamond Tiara in a more open fashion than she has done before and she's wearing it without the emeralds! Fabulous ideas, both changes. This makes it more versatile as an all-diamond design and takes care of the awkward perch it held on the very top of her head previously. Together with her repeated Zetterberg Couture gown and her double dates, she's WINNING. (Crown Princess Victoria was in Germany on another engagement.)

Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf
Amethysts with a red gown, you say? Amethysts with any gown, I say. (Queen Silvia's wearing Queen Josephine's Amethyst Parure.)

Queen Margrethe went on a state visit to Ghana last week, including a state banquet.
Billed-Bladet screencap
Wearing the petite Danish Turquoise Bandeau for a state banquet like this (abroad, not a white tie event) is a typical choice for Margrethe. I'm just not sure I agree with her that it goes well with allllllllll her turquoise jewels. The necklace, earrings, and brooch were all gifts from her husband. And they - with their bright blue color and bright yellow gold settings - are loud.

The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, accompanied by Princess Alexandra, is on a state visit to Japan, including a state banquet hosted by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.
Embed from Getty Images
First of all: Princess Alexandra stepping in to accompany her dad is ADORABLE. (Grand Duchess Maria Teresa has a fear of flying, and had to pull out of the trip.) She and Empress Michiko make a very sweet pair.

ANN screencap
Second of all: Alexandra's selection of a bolero from her mother's closet is an awkward way to finish the look, but it is delightful to see her this blinged up, wearing the Chaumet Diamond and Pearl Choker Tiara plus a delicate diamond necklace her mother has worn in the past. She was given Japan's Order of the Precious Crown, Second Class; for her father, the Order of the Chrysanthemum, Collar and Grand Cordon.

ANN screencap
Empress Michiko opted out of a tiara, as has been her practice for a few years now. No need to worry, though, because it was ALL TIARAS ON DECK for the rest of the imperial ladies.

NNN screencap
Tiaras and parures on deck, thankyouverymuch. The Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara for Crown Princess Masako, her favorite.

NNN screencap
As Princess Mako prepares to marry and leave active royal life, she only has a couple tiara appearances left - and the same may go for Princess Mako's Tiara, unless another family member adopts it down the line. For even more princesses present, check this gallery and this huge one.

Phew! From a Thanksgiving coma to a tiara coma, that's the way to go.