08 December 2017

Royal Coat of the Day: The Duchess of Cambridge in Manchester

Programming Note: We will be up and running on Sunday for the Nobel Prizes! An open post with streaming links will be up for the Swedish ceremony, which begins at 4:30 pm in Stockholm. (That's 10:30 am, Eastern.) And we'll have our post up after the festivities are over.


There's been another addition to the Royal Coat Museum, and maybe I want to steal it. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Children's Global Media Summit in Manchester on Wednesday.
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I mean, I won't, okay. Unless you could get rid of those top two pocket flaps, and in that case, funnel allllll the houndstooth (as the brand refers to it, for those quibbling about pattern description...) right over here. Right. Over. Here.

Kensington Palace
Red was a good combo with the coat. (Although I'm not sure what wouldn't be a good combo with it, such is the case with the good ones...)

L.K. Bennett Delli Check Coat and Goat Elodie Dress