01 December 2017

Royal Fashion Awards: Prince Gabriel’s Christening

Prince Gabriel and Princess Sofia
Lemme just repeat what I said last year: It just wouldn’t be a royal year without a Swedish christening! It’s HRH Prince Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Dalarna’s turn this year; he’s the second son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. Baby sashes, kids all over the place, and…folk dress? Oh yeah. (If you missed the christening, check out our open post. You can rewatch at the link.)

Best Surprise
Princess Sofia
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So here I was, prepared for another lacy Ida Sjöstedt number, and Sofia bursts in with the jaw dropper! This is the traditional folk dress of Älvdalen, where Sofia grew up, and I understand that it was handmade by relatives. Älvdalen is in Dalarna; Prince Gabriel is Duke of Dalarna. This brings that special nod to Sofia’s heritage full circle in a beautiful way, I think.

Not that you ever have to convince me to love these traditional costumes anyway, as longtime readers will know. We usually see the Swedish royal ladies wearing the national version on National Day, so it’s a special treat to see them wear versions belonging to different regions. Excellent.

Best in Heirlooms
Prince Gabriel and Prince Alexander
The tiny man of the hour wore the family christening gown, first worn by Prince Gustaf Adolf in 1906. The gown is made of cotton batiste and Valenciennes lace (bobbin lace) with a petticoat of satin woven silk. He also bundled up against the December weather in the accompanying cap and cape, which has the names of all the children that have worn it embroidered in the lining. Plus, King Grandpa presented him with his baby sash of the Order of the Seraphim. (He may not have been entirely pleased about that or the whole bit where he had to leave his mother's arms. I am pleased enough about the baby sash for us both, kid, don't worry.)

Squirmy big brother Prince Alexander was dressed in an outfit his dad wore in 1981, because the only thing this family loves more than baby sashes is breaking the heirloom clothes out of storage. Bless.

Best in Christening Color Schemes
Queen Silvia
Grandma Silvia’s definitely of the "soft colors = baby events" school of thought, judging from her christening choices to date, and her repeated blue ensemble is another chapter in that book. Hard to argue with that.

Best in Seasonal Spirit
Crown Princess Victoria and Family
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This Christmas red’s got me swooning. Perfect belt to balance the voluminous skirt (and it looks like the belt matches the shoes, nice), perfect updo. She had a little bow in the side of her hair, which you can't see here. Victoria, well done.

Well-coordinated with her mini me, as always! Estelle got to pour in the christening water and help bless it, and she took her job seriously.

…Coziest? I mean, I guess.
Princess Madeleine
I don’t know, guys. This is definitely a war between the busy dress and the textured coat, and it’s all a bit haphazard.

Valentino dress, h/t to Heaven
Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas weren’t at the christening because the kids have jet lag from a recent U.S. trip and so they stayed at home in London while their parents made a quick trip to Sweden, according to the royal court’s spokesperson, so I’m feeling like a generous pass on this whole thing goes to pregnant godmother Madeleine too. I give it one shrug in her general direction.

Best in Bonus Guests
Princesses Margaretha and Christina
Lovely blue for two of Carl Philip’s aunts! Even uncle Tord (Magnuson, Princess Christina’s husband, in the center) got in on the action.

Speaking of coats fighting with busy outfits underneath, here’s one more guest for the road: Princess Ursula of Bavaria. Knock it back a touch on the accessories, methinks. She was there with her husband, Prince Leopold, who is one of Carl Philip’s godparents.

Who gets your royal fashion awards for the day?