21 December 2017

Year in Review: 2017's Bonus Favorites

We're going to do something this year that we haven't done in the past...a Readers' Favorite Outfits of 2017 vote! As I noted when we started these recap posts, I'm paying attention to all your discussions of 2017 favorites in the comments, and a selection of them will make the cut for a final vote. We'll be voting after Christmas.

So...make sure you've added your favorites and supported others you love down in the comments! You still have time. And I still have this round up of my personal favorites from the rest of the royal women we haven't covered yet...

Princess Sofia: Deputy MVP
SVT screencaps
Princess Sofia earned my affections earlier in the year by trying out new tiaras. Then she solidified them later in the year by giving us some more tiara excitement, going full princess in Ida Lanto at the Nobel ceremony, and - this one most of all - her touching choice to wear her folkdräkt to Prince Gabriel's christening. Deputy Most Valuable (Sartorial) Player of 2017!

Princess Tatiana in Australia
Tatiana has found her sartorial soulmate in Greek designer Celia Kritharioti, turning up in one extraordinary creation after another. (There was a lot of love for her Kritharioti numbers at the Norwegian birthday celebrations this year, too.) This one instantly entered my hall of fame: elegant white and caped for days, mmmm.

Princess Marie-Chantal at King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th Birthday Banquet
Embed from Getty Images
Speaking of the Greek princesses and the Norwegian birthday bash, Marie-Chantal claimed my best dressed in Valentino back when we covered the gala banquet and now that I've made my list and checked it twice, the title is still hers for the keeping. Man, I love a floral ball gown. And man, do I love that I get to say that twice in one month.

Princess Charlene at the Laureus World Sports Awards
Embed from Getty Images
I love most ball gown appearances, while we're at it - especially those sported by one of the people I'd least expect to go the fairytale route. Charlene should be red hot in Carolina Herrera more often.

The Countess of Wessex at King Harald and Queen Sonja's 80th Birthday Banquet
NRK Screencap
Another fancy Norway flashback! Sophie went solo to the Norwegian party and she really nailed it with this green Suzannah gown. Very elegant.

Autumn Phillips at Trooping the Colour
A flip back through the 2017 events of the extended British royal family left me with an urgent need to applaud Autumn Phillips. Strong colors, simple lines, nothing fussy or overdone but always interesting and always good. Pairing a magenta hat with a jade dress is still a combo that makes me smile.

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie at the Cannes Film Festival
Embed from Getty Images
Crisp white Ralph Lauren (also worn, with great success, by Crown Princess Victoria) and a fascinating pair of earrings elevate this Luxembourg lady to my 2017 best list.

Queen Margrethe at the Belgian State Banquet and the Norwegian Birthday Banquet
NRK screencap
You can always tell when Queen Margrethe loves a new outfit, because she'll wear it again right away. (Queens: they're just like us!) She was really feeling her look in this new evening gown - and with good reason - wearing it first for the Belgian state banquet and then at the Norwegian birthday bash. I think I'd give this a solid round of jumpy claps on any number of royal ladies!

What else is on your list of 2017 sartorial highlights?

Our next post will be a rundown of Christmas happenings, probably up on Tuesday the 26th (with the usual QEII coverage over at the Jewel Vault on Christmas Day). See you then!