20 December 2017

Year in Review: Queen Letizia, 2017's Sartorial MVP

When I sat down to come up with my selections for this year's best outfits, the list of Queen Letizia's contenders just kept growing...and growing...and growing. She's not without her experimentation (who can forget that hiccuping ponytail?), which she balances with a steady diet of stunners. There's no competition here for me, she is our sartorial MVP right now. All hail 2017's top bringer of the jumpy claps!

State Banquet, State Visit to the United Kingdom
House of HM the King
I'm still dead from this Felipe Varela gown, and really this entire visit, which was one of my favorite things in 2017. There's no immediate hope for revival.
The jewels! The sparkle! The skirt! The RED! 

King Willem-Alexander's 50th Birthday Party
Embed from Getty Images
Speaking of the RED, this Stella McCartney dress is flat out fabulous. And she brought her new best friends, the twin bracelets of the joyas de pasar, along for the party! Taking every opportunity to use these gems is my new favorite thing about her style.

State Banquet, State Visit from Argentina
House of HM the King
Her first joyas de pasar appearance still resonates for me. That simple black velvet column of a dress loaded down with diamonds...so chic.

Runners up:

What were your favorite Letizia outfits in 2017?