30 January 2018

Princely Outfits of the Day: Charlene and her Patterns Celebrate Sainte Dévote

Two patterns in a row from Charlene - similar ones, at that - require a check-in:

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella attended the Feast of Saint Dévote in Monaco on Friday.
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Sign me up for this coat. Or for Princess Gabriella's sassy boots, but since I doubt they make those in my size, we'll just go with the coat. (The twins brought the awwws for this event, sharing a little hug. Here's a gallery.)
Loro Piana Reversible Coat
You can sign me up for a knockoff of this coat, that is, because UFO No More identified it and it is an eye-watering $6,975. But it's cashmere! And reversible! Just in case you need any of the justifications that this princess doesn't need to care about.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended a mass for the celebration of Saint Dévote on Saturday.
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Charlene was clearly still in a check mood the next day. This outfit is...remarkably un-Char-like, no? You could cut and paste this outfit onto any number of royal ladies, and that's not usually something I can say for a Charlene outfit. Is that for the better or for the worse? You tell me. I'm still getting over feeling this meh about something she wore that wasn't a shade of blergh.