01 January 2018

Royal Fashion Awards: New Year Receptions, 2018

Greetings and Happy New Year! We always get to start off the year with tiaras around here, courtesy of the sparkling New Year receptions held in Japan and Denmark, and there’s no better way to celebrate. And sometimes, we even get a few early contenders for the best outfits of the new year…

Best in Brand New
Crown Princess Mary
Red gowns ruled the royal scene in 2017, and if Crown Princess Mary has any say in it, that trend will be going strong right into 2018. In a classic shape pepped up with a little neckline interest – and the perfect sleeve and neckline configuration to wear the golden collar of the Order of the Elephant, so clearly a well-planned design – this red gown is a serious winner. The gown the custom work of Soeren Le Schmidt (as found by Heaven), continuing Mary’s exploration of the best that Danish design has to offer.

Mary always wears her Danish Ruby Parure here, since it’s often the most formal event of the year, which makes the red gown an even better choice. This year her selections from the flexible ruby set include the tiara, the full version of the earrings (oh, do I love any opportunity to see those earrings in their full glory), the hairpins, the bracelet, and the ring. It seems like she might have done some more tinkering with the Ruby Parure Tiara, by the way; the middle seems a little less flat this time around. I wonder if one of the three hairpins has been added back in.

Most Coordinated in Repeats
Queen Margrethe and Princess Marie
All of the Danish royal ladies were very gown-to-accessory coordinated this year. Queen Margrethe has worn this green lace dress for this occasion in the past (with these jewels) (and with her trusty Yeti wrap, obvs) and it’s a natural match for the Danish Emerald Parure. The emeralds are part of the Crown Jewels.

Princess Marie wore this gold and white Rikke Gudnitz dress to the Belgian state banquet last year. It shines even more here as it picks up the gold in her Order of the Elephant chain splendidly. She wore her Diamond Floral Tiara, as she usually does.

Best in Bulk Diamonds and Pearls
The Japanese Imperial Family
You can always count on the Japanese ladies to start your year with all the diamonds and pearls your heart desires. Empress Michiko, who no longer wears tiaras, led the way draped in her favorite diaphanous cape sleeves and multiple strands of pearls.

Because she'll be marrying in 2018, this was Princess Mako's last appearance at this gala, and the countdown of her last appearances in her tiara and parure continues. Her mother, Princess Kiko, was also in her own tiara and parure.

In addition to the multiple ladies that appeared in front of the cameras, Crown Princess Masako was seen arriving in the Japanese Pearl Sunburst Tiara. See her, and more pics, in this gallery.

Who makes your best dressed list for 2018's gala New Year receptions?