05 January 2018

Royal Outfit of the Day: Mary Remixes for the Last New Year's Court

When Crown Princess Mary isn't repeating for her New Year's Court appearances, she's busy remixing her existing pieces. The final reception yesterday involved a remix of one of my very favorite court dress ensembles, a fitted brown velvet jacket and a big pink skirt. And the remixed version is...

...still a fitted brown velvet jacket (with a belt) and a big pink(-ish beige) skirt, it's just a different big pink(-ish beige) skirt. Okay, so maybe we're using the term "remix" a little loosely today.

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In 2013
There's the original, and you can see what drew Mary to it. Other than the beautiful contrast between the heavy velvet and the light tulle, it's a separate jacket and skirt, so it's ripe for the remixing that Mary loves to do. The skirt's been worn with a different outfit as well, although - much like the jacket, I think - it has yet to match the perfection of the original pairing.

Vogue/Billed-Bladet screencap
The new skirt isn't new itself; Mary wore it in a Vogue Australia photoshoot. It's a ball skirt by Australian designer Rachel Gilbert. Can't ever have too many ball skirts, can you? Of course you can't.

Better one way, or the other? You tell me.