08 January 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Spanish Royals at the Pascua Militar

Of all the ways Queen Letizia could have followed up her spectacular sartorial ownership of 2017, I gotta say, a sharp steer back to Edwardian times is not what I was expecting.

King Felipe, Queen Letizia, King Juan Carlos, and Queen Sofia attended the Pascua Militar, a military ceremony, on Saturday.
And yet! Blue velvet from head to toe for our Spanish queen for her first formal event of the new year, which asks for long skirts in the daytime for the ladies (much like the New Year's Court receptions in Denmark last week).

Embed from Getty Images
Now, I generally approve of draping one's self in velvet whenever socially acceptable, but this particular Felipe Varela number...hmm. The buttons? I think the fancy buttons might be one fussy step too far. The aquamarine Bulgari earrings can stay, because yum.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia returned to this event for the first time since the abdication, and I think Sofia's been saving up all her floral power for this very moment. She is shiny.