27 February 2018

Royal Hats of the Day: Queen Mathilde's Recent Chapeaux

Catching up with some of Queen Mathilde's happenings, one hat at a time:

The Belgian royal family attended an annual mass in remembrance of deceased family members last week.
Royal Palace
A lovely black coat with clean lines, a brooch that always manages to trick me into thinking Mathilde's taken a page out of her spider-friendly friend Máxima's book...

Royal Palace
...and a little texture on the hat get the job done in elegant fashion for Mathilde this year. The family is not always so black-clad for this event, though somber colors are the norm; Mathilde often chooses gray and in fact she recently repeated one of her past outfits from the remembrance mass:

The King and the Queen attend the Krakelingenstoet procession in Geraardsbergen on the occasion of the 950th anniversary of the liberty of the city.
Royal Palace
That's a little hard to see, but this hat is cute and should be observed, so here it is when she wore it to the annual remembrance mass in 2015:

Embed from Getty Images
Worn in 2015
See? Cute. I'm always game for something a little different from her usual go-to shapes. Also: bring back cloche hats!

And finally, Belgium has already made their contribution to the coziest of hat categories, the Family Ski Photocall.
Royal Palace
Smiling while trying not to get a snowflake in the eye is an underrated royal skill.