07 March 2018

Royal Flashback of the Day: Victoria Visits an Old Favorite

Crown Princess Victoria visited the "Secrets of Couture" exhibition at Sven-Harry’s Art Museum this week. I mentioned this exhibition a few weeks ago; Victoria loaned dresses for the display, as did Queen Margrethe, Queen Silvia, Princess Madeleine, and Princess Sofia.

Victoria's visit will have brought her face to face with one of her most memorable looks of the past few years - no, let's make that one of her most memorable looks of all time. I am speaking, of course, of the dress several of you have dubbed Big Red.

Embed from Getty Images
Designed by Pär Engsheden (he's the guy viewing the exhibition with her above), this dress was worn for the Nobel Prize Awards ceremony in 2014. Tomato red with a skirt that can only exist in a world filled with grand staircases, this might just be the ball gown-iest ball gown we've seen around here. How could I not love it completely?

SVT screencap
There wasn't anything quiet about her jewels that night, either; the Baden Fringe Tiara can't help but sparkle like Christmas lights, and ditto that for the Bernadotte diamond cross necklace. The necklace was her big debut from the family jewel vault that night.

GALA screencap
I wonder if she saw it and thought about wearing it again some day. I wonder what she would even wear it again for; this dress needs an entire stage to itself. It might be a one-and-done, and it might be worth it even for just that one night.