14 March 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: The Swedish Royals & Baby Festivities

As Crown Princess Victoria joined her father for the cabinet meeting to announce the name and titles of Sweden's newest princess, I found myself facing a difficult question: Is it possible that she overdosed on the purple?

Svenskdam screencap
This repeated purple suit is all sharp lines and belted goodness. Then you add the blouse with the fussy neck bow and...dilemma. As much as my purple heart hates to admit it, I think she's crossed into Too Much Territory.

Henrik Garlöv/Kungahuset.se
All that purpley purpleness became a welcome bright spot when the family moved on to their Te Deum service to celebrate Princess Adrienne's birth, where Queen Silvia was in one of her usual sensible skirt suits...

...and Princess Sofia was in the most sensible of all the skirt suits. Svensk Damtidning notes that Sofia owns this Veronica Virta suit in two different colors, which is I suppose exactly the purpose of these basic suit pieces.

Monday was a busy day in Sweden; it was also Crown Princess Victoria's name day, so Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle headed out to greet the crowds after finishing up with the new baby festivities.

Henrik Garlöv/Kungahuset.se
And once again, a purple bow foils some otherwise sharp detailing on this coat.

Embed from Getty Images
Princess Estelle turned up looking like a life size version of Samantha, the Victorian American Girl Doll, in her super coordinated winter outfit and she totally stole the show and I no longer care so much about the neck bow situation. Magic!

P.S.: Several of you have asked how the family is pronouncing Adrienne. You can watch King Carl Gustaf announce the name here and hear it for yourself