16 April 2018

Monday Tidbits for April 16: Fancy Stuff Ahead (We Hope)

Looking ahead:

--The British royal family will be out in force this week as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) comes to London. This includes a dinner hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace which, while usually a black tie dinner these days, has remained a tiara event for the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall, when in attendance. This is receiving extra attention this year because this is an all-hands-on-deck event, with even Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie in attendance. No way to know if everyone will be in tiaras, or what coverage will be available, but we will wait and see. Of course we'll cover what we're able to here and at the Vault. (Do note, however, that the "rule" that unmarried women can't wear tiaras is easily disproved with many examples of unmarried princesses in tiaras over the years.)

--Crown Prince Frederik turns 50 on May 26th and the Danish royal family is gearing up for several festivities in his honor. More than a week of celebrations will include a family balcony appearance and - this is where our ears perk up - a gala dinner at Christiansborg Palace, with guests from home and abroad, on the big day. They've also released two new portraits. [Photos: Steen Evald/Kongehuset]

--Did you know King Philippe is a painter? Here he is working on a portrait of his uncle, the late King Baudouin, in a picture released with thanks for all the well wishes he received on his 58th birthday on April 15th.
Belgian Monarchy

--A new documentary is airing tonight (Monday) in the U.K. on ITV. The Queen's Green Planet features QEII in conversation with Sir David Attenborough in the gardens of Buckingham Palace; the Queen's wit is getting good reviews. (And, pro tip: you can check out the brooch she wears right here at the Jewel Vault.) [Express]

--Speaking of the Jewel Vault: QEII and her doggos held an audience this past week, and she appeared in some cheery purple.

Coming up this week: Jumpsuit action and more...

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