30 April 2018

Royal Event of the Day: Koningsdag 2018, and New Portraits

King Willem-Alexander celebrated his 51st birthday on Friday, heading to Groningen with the extended family for the annual Koningsdag (King's Day) festivities.

The King and Queen with daughters Amalia, Ariane, and Alexia
Queen Máxima decided to throw things back to 2004, when they visited the same town for Queen's Day (as it was at the time), by repeating her red beret and pairing it with a new Natan outfit.

Embed from Getty Images
Her jean jacket from Groningen in 2004 also made a return this year, worn by Princess Alexia. The red beret doesn't seem nearly as kicky without it, I must say.

Embed from Getty Images
I'm not really sold on the hat-to-outfit pairing this year, I suppose. I liked it better without the coat, but then the dress revealed made me wish there was more of a pattern to it. I might be giving this year a meh.

Lucky us, we've got some new portraits to pep things up! A whole bunch of new official photos were released to celebrate Willem-Alexander's 5th anniversary on the throne. The formal shots feature Queen Máxima in her repeated Jan Taminiau gown and the Dutch Sapphire Tiara. [Portraits: RVD - Erwin Olaf]

They're straight from the credits of Law & Order: Amsterdam. I'd watch.