06 April 2018

Royal Exhibition of the Day: Queen Margrethe's Wardrobe on Show

Denmark is offering you another chance to check out some of Queen Margrethe's couture in the flesh fabric: 37 outfits and 42 hats are included in From the Queen's Wardrobe, on show in The Old Town in Aarhus until September 9th. Margrethe seems to be very generous in allowing her clothing to go on display regularly, as well she should be; these are works of art, with every bit of care taken in their design as any of her other artworks.

Queen Margrethe viewing the exhibition
She dropped by to open the exhibition herself recently, coming face to face with the fairytale gown she wore to celebrate her silver wedding anniversary with Prince Henrik. It must have been a poignant moment, walking through these gowns that represent so many happy memories with her late husband.

In Balmain
This white gown by Balmain, for example, was a wedding gift to Margrethe from Danish designer Erik Mortensen, who was working for the French house. Exquisitely embellished, this is couture at its finest.

For the Crown Prince's wedding
This is a modern favorite of mine, the floral gown with bow sleeves made by Mogens Eriksen for Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's wedding in 2004. I do love a great floral gown. It was covered by a spectacular pink coat for the wedding ceremony (and that pink coat has since been made into a different dress). We covered Queen Margrethe's whole sparkling look on that day here.

And then there's that silver wedding dress, the most theatrical confection of tulle purchased by Margrethe and crafted by Jørgen Bender with close up-worthy details galore. (See more about the dress and event in our past post here.)

The Danish royal family shared even more examples in a gallery post from their Instagram. Has anyone ever loved tulle or a big sleeve more? She knows how to turn it up, that Daisy. Well worth seeing in person.

Photos: DR screencap/DR