27 April 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Crown Princess Mary Brings the Patterns

There's a Cambridge baby name post for you if you keep scrolling. For those that are all baby-discussion-ed out, good news: outfits like these just scream for a discussion of their own.

Crown Princess Mary opened a new crisis center for the Danish Women's Society on April 20th.
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Takes more than one shot to drink this all in...

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YEAH. That's a multi-colored, asymmetrical striped midi skirt - and really, any one of those qualities is enough for most skirts - paired with a blouse and pumps. HMM. I think it's the most tame parts, the blouse and pumps, that fail her. I, of course, can offer zero better ideas for how to style this dizzying skirt.

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary presented at the LGBT award show, the Danish Rainbow Awards AXGIL.
THIS, on the other hand, is fantastic! She looks like she decided to rock her swankiest silk robe for a night out on the town.

Mediehuset København screencap
With just the right level of accessorizing, it's an ideal evening vibe.

Diane von Furstenberg asymmetrical overlay skirt; Etro reversible printed satin-jacquard jacket (h/t to Heaven)