02 April 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Easter in Windsor

Easter Sunday and the Windsors flock to Windsor for service at St. George's Chapel. Get your Easter bonnets on:

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Of course the Queen (and her brooch) have already been covered in full at the Vault. Joining her on the pearl brigade was the Duchess of Cambridge, with a repeated brooch. Now that we've seen in her a few more brooches, I can't help but wish this faux-looking one would go away. The repeated brown Catherine Walker coat can stay, though! Elegant as it was the first time.

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There's a lot to love from the rest of this bunch. The Princess Royal's crowd represented very well, from Anne's jolly feather explosion to Autumn Phillips' sleek Suzannah coat and Zara Tindall's coordinated blues.

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Also a great show from the Wessex ladies here. I don't think anyone in this fam particularly needs another navy blue coat, but adding some sleeve interest à la Sophie and her Roland Mouret coat is a way to make it interesting. I assume she took that off before tucking into whatever form of very posh cheesy potatoes you get at an Easter lunch at Windsor Castle.

The York sisters might be my favorites of this whole crew. Princess Beatrice has adopted these boater hats worn at a jaunty angle; with her success at last year's Trooping the Colour and this Easter combo (with a Suzannah coat), I gotta say it really works for her.

Princess Eugenie did some splendid hat work here, too. An Easter service that can double as a wedding venue scouting trip must be more fun than it is most years, so why not throw a party at the bottom of your coat? (This party's by Oscar de la Renta.) Carrying the party all the way to the top of the look with a pink hat was just right.

A good show all around, right? Well done, Windsors.