18 April 2018

Royal Shoes of the Day: Green for Victoria and Sofia

Outside of the super matchy-matchy world of Queen Máxima, green shoes aren't something we see much of around here. Except for this week, when they appeared not once but twice in Sweden!

The Swedish royal family received the Prime Minister of India this week.
Henrik Garlöv/Kungahuset.se
Crown Princess Victoria started things off with bright green shoes and a bright green clutch paired with a new dress from the brand & Other Stories. Green's a natural match for a floral print and a great focal point in an outfit with such a busy print. Well played.

Embed from Getty Images
Princess Sofia attended the UNDP's Spring Gala last night.
Princess Sofia used a tiny peek of a pair of green shoes to liven up a black outfit; this skirt was part of an Ida Sjöstedt outfit that made me reference the Dowager Countess when she wore it the first time, but here it's delightful. (I originally thought the skirt was part of a gown, and I've never been so glad to learn it was separates.)

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The choice of a green shoe isn't random; Sofia's letting her black outfit act as a canvas for all sorts of interesting accessories. Well played again, Sweden.