11 May 2018

Royal Dresses of the Day: A Mathilde and Máxima Update

Three cute dresses from two members of the M-Team:

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima attended the Liberation Day concert this weekend.
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This dress is a sparkly dream ready for a twirl, I just sooooo wish this shade of tan wasn't the color of choice for the accessories. The dress is a customized Claes Iversen and it seems like the belt on the runway version was maybe a touch darker, which I like better.

Queen Mathilde attended the vocal semi-finals of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition.
Belgian Monarchy
Asymmetrical navy, white, and bronze stripes? Yes please! I adore this. It's a new Belgian designer for her, Cédric Charlier, and this is a promisingly cute debut.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended the first session of the vocal finals for the Queen Elisabeth Competition.
Belgian Monarchy
Nothing says Is it time for my summer holiday yet? like a boldly printed one-shoulder dress with starfish earrings. And nothing says absolute dedication to matching accessories quite like a clutch in nearly right shade of tennis ball. (I am completely dying that she went for it with the hardest color to match in this whole dress, honestly. Bless.)

Cédric Charlier asymmetric striped metallic knitted midi dress, Dries van Noten Spring 2018 RTW print dress (per Modekoningin Mathilde)