16 May 2018

Royal Hat of the Day: The Countess of Wessex's Lattice (x3)

The Countess of Wessex joked at an event last week that she has her royal wedding outfit all ready to go, and I'll be shocked if it doesn't include a new hat from Jane Taylor, her favorite milliner. Sophie warmed up for a hat-tastic weekend by attending the first Buckingham Palace garden party of the season yesterday, selecting a Jane Taylor hat we've seen in two different versions with three different outfits. Comparison time!

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Royal Ascot 2017
Here's the hat's debut, with a black accent on top and a green Emilia Wickstead dress. I loved the lattice effect on this hat and so did many of you; the whole look garnered enough mentions to be in the running for your best day outfit of 2017.

Attending the Sultan of Brunei's Golden Jubilee celebrations
RTB screencap
Luckily for us, Sophie wasn't nearly done with the hat. Come October, the black twist on top was swapped for matching beige twists and coral feather accents to match a new outfit from Suzannah with a white top and coral skirt.

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Attending a Buckingham Palace garden party yesterday
Now we have our third hat appearance, still in its coral version and worn with a red dress from Alaïa. (I assume she's informing the guests that she's wearing, like, a totally important designer).

Royal Family
Props to Sophie for repeating the same hat three times and managing to make each look completely different, right? Three times in less than a year and I'm not tired of this hat yet. That's a feat.

Azzedine Alaïa Scalloped Wavy Stripe Knit Dress, per the Countess of Wessex Blog
I'm still gonna ask the question, though: When did she wear it best? Give me Ascot any day, really. Can we get the black accent back? Coral might be my very least favorite color, so I'm biased.

(While we're at it, the first two outfits here contain some safe guesses for the designer behind Sophie's wedding outfit: either Suzannah or Emilia Wickstead, her current go-to designers for all her bespoke needs.)