02 May 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: A Scandinavian Update

A couple trips, a birthday, and some purple! Let's see what these three Scandinavian princesses have been up to:

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway visited Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, marking the 100th anniversaries of their declarations of independence.
Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania
I'm picking two of my faves from Haakon and Mette-Marit's trip, and they both happened in Lithuania. First of all, a simple white coat on Mette-Marit will nearly always get me, so that one's in...
Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania
 ...and second of all, her love of a floral always serves her best with these By Ti Mo dresses, so this one's in too. Bonus points for baby blue heels and the kind of coat that actually does work well when draped over the shoulders.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Latvia. 
President of Latvia
Their Swedish counterparts are doing the Baltic swing, too. Victoria's Ida Sjöstedt dress is a repeat from the Cambridge/Sweden visit earlier this year. I didn't notice the detail on the hem last time, so that's nice; alas, I didn't notice it before because of the neck bow, which is still strangling away.

In Sweden, King Carl Gustaf celebrated his 72nd birthday.
Henrik Garlöv/Kungahuset.se
Back home, Victoria took a back seat to an enthusiastic Estelle, a thoroughly unimpressed Oscar, a birthday king, and a vibrant Silvia - Queen Margrethe is out there coveting those turquoise earrings, guaranteed - as King CG celebrated his birthday. (He also recently became the longest-reigning Swedish monarch, passing a record previously set in the 1300s on April 26 with a reign of 44 years and 223 days.)

Princess Marie attended a concert in Copenhagen last week.
We just checked in with the Danish crown princess last week, so we'll hit Marie instead in this round up: PURPLE! It should come as no surprise to you that I covet this dress. And those shoes. And maybe even that bouquet, which totally seems to be playing along with the color scheme.