06 June 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Spring with Beatrice and Eugenie

I've been meaning to do a York sister update, because they sported some fun stuff in May after the royal wedding. Such as:

Princess Beatrice attended the Chelsea Flower Show with other members of the royal family.
Embed from Getty Images
Florals? For a flower show? Groundbreaking, I know. Also, in this case, super cute! I am always tempted to do away with blazers worn over the shoulders, though here I like how it ties into her shoes - flats, you'll note, both sporty and practical for hoofing it around the flower show grounds.
Needle & Thread dress

Both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie attended events for Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award holders at Buckingham Palace with other members of the royal family.
Royal Family
And just like that, I'm back to wanting to get rid of the extra blazer stuff. This cape/coat/thing is not a great match to what Princess Beatrice has going on here. A shame, because Beatrice in an emerald dress is an otherwise splendid idea.

Princess Eugenie Instagram
Princess Eugenie stuck to florals for the garden for this event, to much greater success. Liking her in Alice + Olivia, liking the uneven hem, liking this whole thing.
Alice + Olivia dress

Princess Eugenie attended a Buckingham Palace garden party with the Queen and other members of the royal family.
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A veiled boater hat with a message of love: WHIMSY ALERT! But after two very subtle royal wedding hats from these two sisters, I'm finding this little bit of whimsy a welcome relief. Let's not lose all the millinery fun. The dark color keeps this Misa Harada message hat from veering into twee territory. I think it's another solid win for Eugenie. What message will she bring to Ascot, I wonder?
Royal Family/Misa Harada