20 July 2018

Royal Dresses of the Day: Letizia and Eugenie's Double Bests

I hereby declare the best dress of the week to be a tie between these two repeats, both summery and swishy and all that good stuff. Let's send ourselves off to the weekend with a pair of bests:

King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited Bailen.
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See? SWISHY. This dress is so ready to twirl, it'll do it on its own if Letizia's not feeling game. These divine polka dots are from Carolina Herrera, and we first saw the dress during a solo trip a couple months ago.

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We can't have an ode to perfect summer dresses without a little bit of #TeamShades, now can we? Of course we can't. Living her best shampoo commercial life, as always.

Princess Eugenie attended Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday celebrations in London. 
Princess Eugenie also wowed in a repeat, the great green dress by Osman she debuted at Trooping the Colour last month. I loved it from the waist up during that event and it does not disappoint in full length. I am particularly swooning over the color. Keep building that good dress momentum right up to the big wedding day, Eugenie.

Eugenie's dress by Osman, Letizia's dress by Carolina Herrera