01 August 2018

Wednesday Tidbits for August 1: Stolen Crown Jewels and More

Interesting but sad news to start us off:

--A jewel heist! Unfortunately not for fun in a movie this time: Sweden is missing two crowns and an orb from their royal regalia after thieves stole them from a church yesterday. The funeral crowns of Karl IV and his wife Queen Kristina date from 1611 and were originally buried with the couple, before being exhumed for display. Those two crowns and an orb were on display at Strängnäs Cathedral when they were stolen from their glass case while the church was open to the public. The thieves are thought to have fled on motorboat. The search for these priceless items is ongoing as of this writing. [Sydney Morning Herald]
The stolen crowns at the top of the picture, the orb in the center
Police Handout

--Were it anyone else, I'd have to say the matching band around the hat was overkill. But it's Princess Alexandra (opening a new supported living service last week), so it just makes me smile.
Royal Family

--The Duchess of Cornwall continued to live her best life last week, eating ice cream and hanging with Dame Judi Dench on the Isle of Wight. [ITV]

--And finally, Queen Margrethe continues to live her best creative life, showing off the new antependium she embroidered for the Gråsten Palace church.

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