26 September 2018

Royal Outfit of the Day: Meghan Flies Solo at the Royal Academy

The Duchess of Sussex opened the "Oceania" exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts last night, her first solo engagement.
Kensington Palace
I must confess, when I first saw this outfit on the Duchess' arrival via some Twitter videos, I wrote it off with a yawn. Yet another black outfit. Moving on.

Embed from Getty Images
But I must also confess that I wrote it off way too soon. (One of the downsides of the rush for first looks on social media, really.) This is one that gets more interesting with a closer look.

Embed from Getty Images
The contrasting fabric makes this Givenchy look: a velvet panel, the belt, and the sheer sleeves. Her favorite Aquazzura pumps and Birks diamond earrings are solid choices too. Might not be a look I'll remember, but it's getting the job done nicely. I formally retract my yawn and replace it with a satisfied nod.