25 September 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Victoria and Mathilde in New York

The UN General Assembly is running in New York City, so basically a whole bunch of royals are roaming the city and running into one another, which is convenient for our purposes. (Our purposes being, as always, considerably more frivolous.)

Crown Princess Victoria's stateside visit saw her meet up with Sheikha Mozah! If anyone's going to appreciate a good monochrome look, it should be the Sheikha. Her metallic shoes are exactly the contrasting touch her own green look needed, though.

Also on Victoria's list of friends to see in NYC: Crown Prince Haakon, who surely conveyed this prairie dress sighting to certain interested parties back home. This is a repeat from Princess Adrienne's christening this summer.

Belgian Monarchy
A new floral dress accompanied the Crown Princess as she met up with a vibrantly pink-clad Queen Mathilde, who...

Belgian Monarchy
...naturally brought along her own supply of florals. (Don't leave home without 'em!) This Natan dress a repeat from the Australian state visit earlier this summer. As I suspected at the time, it is indeed improved without the hat.

This is far from all! Queen Máxima is expected, Crown Princess Mary's already there (we'll check in with her separately), and maybe more, I don't know. So New Yorkers, I guess you should keep your eyes peeled.