06 September 2018

Tiara Thursday: The Nuits Claires Tiara

Our post from last week's French state banquet in Denmark was updated, but for those who didn't hear the news: Princess Marie's new tiara is a mystery no more! The details on this new diadem were uncovered thanks to the hard work of Heaven, who runs the Princess Marie's Closet blog (here's her post on it, and you can follow her on Twitter here; the blog is really the best resource for full coverage of Marie's events). She received information on this exciting tiara development from the Danish royal court and the jeweler, who also posted pictures and details on their social media. Naturally, we must give this piece our traditional Thursday treatment.

The Nuits Claires Tiara
Called the Nuits Claires Tiara (or Lyse Nœtter Diademet), it is a new piece made by Mauboussin, designed in cooperation with Princess Marie, and loaned to her for use. The tiara is made of white gold in a vine-like design of leaves and flowers set with 13.35 carats of diamonds and 13.58 carats of sapphires. The sapphires color some of the flowers and are studded around the rest of the floral design, which wasn't immediately evident when the tiara was in use. The central stone is a pear-shaped Ceylon sapphire of 6.82 carats.

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When French jeweler Mauboussin decided to make a royal tiara, French-born Princess Marie was a natural choice with which to collaborate. Marie was involved in the full design process, and the tiara is meant to be a tribute to her adopted country. She also picked the tiara's name, which translates to "bright nights" or "clear nights".

Since the tiara itself is a connection between Denmark and France, it was only fitting that Princess Marie debuted it at the state banquet during the French state visit to Denmark. The sapphires and diamonds worn with her red dress combined to create a sartorial tribute to the French flag.

Tellement Sublime Mon Amour Ring
For the French state banquet, Marie also borrowed a matching ring from the jeweler. The ring is a part of their existing Tellement Sublime Mon Amour collection. Many people wondered if the earrings she wore were also part of the set; they are not. She's worn those earrings for a few years.

Mauboussin owns the Nuits Claires Tiara and Princess Marie is able to loan it for use. This is an interesting arrangement that wouldn't work in many other monarchies, but has been embraced by the Danish royal family; Crown Princess Mary has exclusive use of the Midnight Tiara owned by the Ole Lynggaard firm, while Princess Marie has previously worn the Flora Danica Tiara under similar conditions. There's benefit here for the jewelers in publicity, plus potential other sales - the Midnight Tiara, for example, has been included in exhibitions and has a related collection for retail sale - while allowing a princess to wear a new jewel without public scrutiny of the cost.

I'm glad to see a blue stone tiara in the Danish royal family, which is something they don't really have. (Apart from Princess Thyra's Sapphire Tiara, which belonged to the late Princess Elisabeth.) I'd love to see Princess Marie wear the Nuits Claires Tiara with Queen Alexandrine's Sapphire and Diamond Pendant Brooch. And, really, anything that brings Princess Marie a little more tiara variety is good news in my book.

Does this modern tiara win your stamp of approval?