11 October 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Accessory Interest with Kate and Mary

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The Duchess of Cambridge opened the V&A's Photography Centre last night.
Wasn't planning on doubling up on Kate posts this week, but then she went and wore one of the most interesting things she's worn in quite some time. I loved this Erdem dress when Carey Mulligan wore it last year and I love it now. Plus, we're dabbling in purple (-ish, just let me have this one) accessories again. So you know I approve.

Erdem dress
(Might actually like it in the shorter retail version if you're going to add the belt, though? And then leave the longer without the belt, like Carey Mulligan did? Not a deal breaker either way.)

The Danish royal family attended a performance celebrating 100 years of Iceland's independence last night.
Crown Princess Mary has also been dabbling in purple accessories. Now, the shoes here almost look like she mismatched the dress color, but it appears she's also wearing her amethyst earrings, which says intentional. I don't think the overall thing is working. So I'm gonna blame that on the dress. (Princess Marie has a late entry to our green theme, you can click through the rest of the family above.)