02 October 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Mathilde and Mary Go Green

Is it easy being green? Two of our leading ladies valiantly seek the answer to that eternal question:

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited Austria yesterday.
Royal Palace
Mathilde's giving me some Robin Hood vibes here. If Robin Hood were to don Natan and dash around opening art exhibitions, that is.

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As much as I wish (again, and forever) that she'd curb her matchy ways before they hit the shoes, I do love this matching hat. It's interesting and a little bit different from her usual thing. Also, this green? Super rich, super flattering.

Crown Princess Mary presented the 2018 Design Awards in September.
Here's another example for your green investigation, one that happened a while back. This top and trouser combo is meant to have an easy elegance, I think, one which Mary can certainly pull off. But did she take a wrong turn into Gumby territory? You be the judge.