25 October 2018

Tiara Watch of the Day: It's Denmark's Turn to Sparkle

Tiaras were out on Monday (Belgian state visit to Portugal); tiaras were out on Tuesday (Dutch state visit to Britain); tiaras were out on Wednesday (we're going to talk about them in two seconds); tiaras will even be out on Thursday (Norway has a banquet tonight, which of course we'll do our best to cover). That might be some kind of record?! We're just trying to keep up:

The Danish royal family hosted a gala banquet for members of the government, parliament, and the European parliament on Wednesday night.
Keld Navntoft/Kongehuset
Yes, Queen Margrethe definitely had to get in on this week o' sparkle. She wore her Floral Aigrette Tiara and her trusty Yeti pelt. This is the dress she wore for Crown Prince Frederik's 50th birthday gala. You can always tell when she's loving a new look, because she'll wear it a whole bunch. (I kinda love that about her.)

Keld Navntoft/Kongehuset
All of the princesses went dark and sparkly, starting with Princess Benedikte in her Floral Tiara. The extra band of bling around the waist on this dress helps make it something special, I think.

Princess Marie repeated a dress and used her Diamond Floral Tiara too. A solo Crown Princess Mary - Crown Prince Frederik is in Australia for the Invictus Games - wore her Wedding Tiara. We haven't seen that one in a while, since she's been using her Diamond, Ruby, and Spinel Necklace Tiara. But it's not the return that delights me most: the Bambi dress is back!

Embed from Getty Images
The original appearance, 2014
This Jesper Høvring ensemble became an instant favorite when Mary was presented with a BAMBI Award in 2014. It's not a dress, actually; it's designed as a top and skirt. The skirt was worn with a blue velvet top for the New Year's Court gala in 2016. It's always good to see the classics back in rotation.

Keld Navntoft/Kongehuset
A coral headliner and her navy back up singers, fabulous. (You can see here how Margrethe has wrapped the Floral Aigrette pieces around her 'do and how interesting her necklace is - it's a bracelet that she likes to use as a choker. Lest you think Máxima is the only one getting creative in the jewel department...)