28 November 2018

Breaking Tiara News of the Day: Queen Letizia Debuts Another Tiara

Making breaking tiara news twice in one year! Way to go, Letizia.

The King and Queen of Spain hosted a state banquet today for the President and first lady of China during their state visit to Spain.
House of HM the King
On the heels of her debut of the Cartier Diamond and Pearl Tiara earlier this year, Queen Letizia has worn for the first time the other large diamond and pearl tiara lurking in the vaults: Queen Maria Christina’s Cartier Loop Tiara, last worn by Queen Sofia. (As always, click the tiara name for more on its history.)

House of HM the King
Letizia repeated the superb black velvet Felipe Varela dress she wore when debuting the big Fleur de Lys Tiara, and once again it proves to be the perfect backdrop for a mega tiara and a smattering of other major diamonds: the earrings and twin bracelets from the joyas de pasar.

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Also much like her debut of the big Fleur de Lys Tiara? This major diadem WORKS for her. She carries it - and styles it (did I tell you how much I love this dress?) - just right. And needless to say, she's welcome to keep up this string of debuts as long as she likes.

The Queen accompanied the first lady for events earlier in the day.
House of HM the King
Earlier in the day, the Queen made some headlines for a less fancy choice: an ASOS dress with floral and bird embroidery that costs just $119.
It's cute!

The previous day, the King and Queen hosted the presidential couple for a private dinner.
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While we're catching up on the state visit, one of those delectable diamond bracelets appeared yesterday with another repeated Felipe Varela dress. Wear 'em as often as possible, Queen L. As often as possible.