12 November 2018

Monday Tidbits for November 12: Birthdays and Remembrance

In case you didn't tune in over the weekend:

--A lot of remembrance events are happening since this year marks the centenary of the armistice. We covered the British royal remembrance events in full over at the Vault, so hop over there to get caught up: Festival of Remembrance, Remembrance Sunday, and the Armistice Centenary Service.
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--Additionally, Prince Harry visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey again. It's a solemn duty but regimental mascots will always lighten up the mood. That's Watchman VI, the incoming mascot for the Staffordshire Regiment Association, terribly excited to see the royal guest. Watchman V, the outgoing mascot, is over it. Seen plenty of royal guests in his day. [Zimbio]
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--In Japan, the imperial family held their Autumn Garden Party. The great news here is that Crown Princess Masako was able to attend the full party for the first time in 15 years. (Also there were kimonos, which is always great news.) [Imperial Family of Japan Blog, NHK]

--I didn't really care for the documentary on the Queen and the Commonwealth earlier this year, but the BBC did a good job with another one for the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday. Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70 is available here (as of this writing). Here's the best bit:
Chaz is as delighted by turkeys as his mother is by cows, this family loves their livestock.

--That documentary gave us a new photo of Prince Charles bonding with Prince Louis and the Duchess of Cambridge. New stamps released for his birthday give us a new portrait of Charles with Prince William and Prince Harry. [Hello]
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--And finally, also over at the Jewel Vault: The Queen herself says these diamonds are "magnificent ones". 

Coming up this week: Spain is out state visiting, Charles has his birthday, and more...

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