30 November 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: The Coats & Hats of Mathilde & Máxima

Queen Mathilde and Queen Máxima found themselves on the same wavelength last week. (As they do, like, every other week or so.) This particular wavelength is the check coat + accent color accessories one, a tried and true formula on which they each put their own spin.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited Germany last week.
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Mathilde pulled a berry-licious shade out of her pattern and threw on a wide brim hat and matching purse, gloves, and shoes. That bit of swing on the coat? With that length? Yes, please. 

Queen Máxima participated in the second day of the Singapore state visit last week.
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Máxima was even more understated - inasmuch as we can call a big ol' olive hat understated, really. This one is much more attractive than anything I can call a big ol' olive hat has a right to be. I do love it.

Queen Máxima presented the Prince Bernhard Culture Foundation Award this week.
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Nothing to do with coats and hats, but you didn't really think we were going to leave it at Máx's most understated look, did ya? Not content with her tulip field look from this Claes Iversen color scheme, she's ordered one with a few more trimmings for the festive season. I wouldn't recommend this piñata look to anyone else on our regular rounds, but I don't know. I think she's pulling it off.