22 November 2018

Tiara Watch of the Day: The Netherlands/Singapore State Banquet

Hey-o, some more tiaras before we skedaddle for the holiday! I'm not even going to fuss with the day stuff, I'm cutting right to the sparkly bit:

The Dutch royal family hosted a state banquet for the President of Singapore and her husband on the first day of their state visit to the Netherlands.
So Queen Máxima is really into these oversized belt outfits by Claes Iversen: we also saw them at the Liberation Day Concert and during the British state visit. I'm not sold on a belt buckle this big for a tiara-level occasion, though. But I will take all the single sleeve interest I can get.

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Máx accessorized her berry palette with rubies and diamonds. We saw her chose the Ruby Peacock Tiara for a black tie banquet in Canada and it works in the same context here, at an evening where the ladies left the sashes at home. The rubies and diamonds echo the red and white in the flag of Singapore - although rubies are a popular choice for Máxima anyway, no reason needed. I like the Peacock on her a lot; it is, I would say, among the most festive jewels in the Dutch collection. And Máx, you know, is a festive gal.

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More tiaras were on hand! Princess Beatrix chose her favorite, Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara. Throw on a diamond rivière, a sprinkling of diamond stars, a purple dress (and some purple eye shadow, bless her), and you're good to go.

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Princess Margriet pulled another tiara from the smaller end of the family vault for the evening's festivities: the Dutch Emerald Parure Tiara. This one really suits her - kind of a pointless thing to say because I can't recall a tiara that doesn't suit Margriet - but her hair backs up the taller top point of this one nicely anyway.

Princess Laurentien was there, too; you can spot her towards the beginning of this video shared by Rick Evers. She wore the Dutch Aquamarine Tiara. (Worth your time to watch the sparkle in action here, by the way.)

And that's that! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating. We'll see you back here on Tuesday.