03 December 2018

Monday Tidbits for December 3: Journeys for Princesses and Elves

Here we go:

--Tiara sale update: Queen Alexandrine's Russian Sapphire Tiara sold at the top of its estimate: 2,000,000 DKK, or just over $300,000. The sale was held on November 30. [Bruun Rasmussen]
Queen Alexandrine's Russian Sapphire Tiara
Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

--The Danish royal family is doing another advent calendar-style series on their Instagram page this December! They introduced the series with a video of Queen Margrethe hiding some rice pudding in the palace attic for the palace elves (nisse, crafted by the Queen herself) to find. The palace treasures these little creatures find as they hunt for the porridge are items chock full of family history, and they're being posted on the royal Instagram each day. [Instagram, Wikipedia]

--Meanwhile, Crown Princess Mary embarked on a real journey to Kenya. Some of her own photos and stories from the trip can also be found on the Danish royal family's Instagram. [ParisMatch, Instagram]

--The Princess Royal, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, and Anne's sharp suit went on an official visit to Chile. [Instagram]
Royal Family

--And finally, over at the Jewel Vault, a new portrait for the Queen.

Coming up this week: We may have some tiaras in cars because the Buckingham Palace Diplomatic Reception is this week. Maybe also a Spain check in, and other stuff too...

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