07 December 2018

Royal Outfits of the Day: Letizia at the Spanish Constitution Anniversary

The Spanish royal family marked the 40th anniversary 
of the Spanish Constitution yesterday.
House of HM the King

Special event? Must need a dash of red. Such seems to be the thinking of Queen Letizia these days, and can we really argue with her?

House of HM the King

This is the third time we've seen this Carolina Herrera dress so far, I believe, after its debut at another special event: the family's trip to Asturias in September. She bumped up the special occasion-ness (that's a thing, go with it) this time with a bigger pair of ruby and diamond earrings. (Can we really argue with that either? I think not.)

The King and Queen attended a concert for the anniversary the previous evening.
House of HM the King

For a concert the evening before, Letizia went for some fake out va-va-voom in the form of a lined lace plunge. I'm not averse to the faux plunge. I'm just averse to the way the lace looks like an afterthought and to...sort of the whole rest of the top. A shame! Some swishy magic could have happened here.