09 January 2019

Readers’ Favorite Outfits of 2018, Evening: Results, Part 2!

This is it, the last installment of the results from your favorite royal outfits of 2018 and the remainder of your top 10 favorites from the Evening Divison. Drumroll please... 

#5. Princess Eugenie at her Wedding Reception in Zac Posen
Alex Bramall/Royal Family
Zac Posen's still dishing out little peeks at this dress on his Instagram, that's how much detail there is to absorb in this creation. Eugenie had a great year and I hope we see more royal looks from this designer in the future.

#4. The Duchess of Cambridge at the Diplomatic Reception in Jenny Packham
Embed from Getty Images
Kate's sparkly and floaty Jenny Packhams are all starting to run together for me, if I'm being honest. Not for many of you, though! Her last tiara offering for the year won her a spot in your top 5.

#3. Crown Princess Mary at the New Year’s Gala Banquet in Soeren Le Schmidt
Mary got all three of her entries in this category into the top 10! I do believe that's a record. She captured #8, #6, and #3 - a reminder of the greatness she brings to the New Year's Gala.

#2. Queen Mathilde at the French State Banquet in Armani Privé
It was a good year for royal Armani Privé, no? I couldn't agree with this pick more and landing both of her possible entries in the top 10 is a great result for Mathilde.

#1. Queen Máxima at the British/Dutch State Banquet in Jan Taminiau
Embed from Getty Images
Máxima and her main man Jan didn't just take the top spot, they absolutely ran away with it. Maybe it was the dress, maybe it was THE JEWELS, maybe it was the fact that it all went down at one of the year's most anticipated royal events - whatever the combination, this one wasn't even close. Máxima is by far your favorite evening look of 2018.

That's a wrap on the best of 2018! Thanks to everyone who played along. (And a reminder for those who will inevitably take the absence of their own favorites a bit too personally: this is just for fun. Lowest possible stakes here, friends.)