Commenting Policy

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I aim to keep the rules for comments on this site short and easy to understand. I’ll spell them out in a second, but they all boil down to an understanding of the spirit of the blog.

“Purely frivolous and perfectly harmless snark and admiration for all things stylish and royal,” that’s our motto. This place is intended to be an escape, a space in which you can relax and enjoy some frivolous commentary on outfits and jewels, maybe laugh a little bit while you’re at it. We all have more weighty issues on our minds, and that’s exactly why I believe it’s important to preserve a few precious pockets of fun for ourselves.

Accordingly, these are the rules for comments (which are applicable to both the Order of Splendor and From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault sites): 

Equal opportunity praise and friendly snark shall be offered up here. If you find that your personal feeling of dislike towards any of these public figures is so strong you can’t avoid it, you need to find another outlet for your hate. Likewise, if you can’t stand any level of critique for your favorite royal and thus feel the need to go after any commenter who doesn’t lavish praise on your fave, you need to find another outlet for that crusade.

Treat each other as friends. You don't have to agree with me or with other commenters, but you do have to be civil. Attacks are not welcome. I'll also drop a reminder here that you can make your point without purposefully aggravating or scolding your fellow commenters.

No body critique or overanalysis of body shapes/issues,  please. This includes: weight discussions (in either scale direction), plastic surgery speculation, pregnancy speculation, and speculative medical diagnoses. Because all of these tend to turn discussions into something contrary to the spirit of the blog.

No politics. This includes off topic discussion of the fashions of public figures related to politics. There are exceptions to this rule: sometimes a bit of politics adds a helpful background to a featured royal event, and of course history is a necessity for any royal blog; additionally, some current events, like state visits, directly involve political figures and we occasionally chat about their fashions there.

Please stay on topic. We have a home for off topic chatter, such as royal events that aren’t being covered on the main blog, and that home is our regular Tidbits series. Please do not change the topic on other posts.

Comments that are not in this spirit, as determined by me, will be deleted at my discretion. Commenters that can not comply with these guidelines time and again will be banned from commenting on this site. This includes commenters that know better and persist in pushing the rules anyway.

So what should you do if there's a problem?
  • If you find something in the comments that you feel violates the commenting policy, please use the flag button to the right of each comment to bring it to my attention, and allow me to decide how to handle it. (Don't feed the trolls, of course.) 
  • If there is a discussion that you don't care to read, there's a button to the right of each comment that will collapse that remark and all its responses for you. 
  • If you need to take it a step further, registered users of the Disqus commenting system have the option to block comments from specific users. (Which I obviously hope isn't often necessary, but you do what you gotta do to make sure this stays an enjoyable place for you to be.)

It really just comes down to keeping things in good humor. I don’t enjoy deleting comments, so let’s just make it unnecessary. Thank you!